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March 15, 2013
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Brain surgery.
Two words that you really were not expecting to hear had been tossed into your life in a matter of seconds. You had been going through some tough times with your health in the past couple of years and most doctors could not pin-point exactly what was wrong with you. Well, that was the case until now. The last few doctors that had taken you in as their patient have been moving so fast with getting your health straight and finally were able to figure out what was wrong with you in the past two months. You were not really expecting it to move this fast since it took you two and a half years and seven different doctors to get this far, but you couldn't wait to start feeling better. It was so tough to hear that they needed to get a tumor off of your brain, but if this was all that was going to take to make you well again, you wanted to do it. You were so ready to get over this obstacle in your life.
You were in the doctor's office waiting with your parents to get everything scheduled and whatnot while you contemplated on what you were going to do. The thought of people digging all up inside of your head scared the living daylights out of you, but if this surgery was all that was going to take to make you better again, you were all for it. Being this sick had gone on for far too long for your liking and it was about time you finally got some answers on what was going on.
Even though you were upset on having to go through with brain surgery at such a young age, you knew that you had a ton of people praying and helping you get through this hard time. You had your family, your loving boyfriend, your close friends, and even some people of the community were thinking about you and hoping you will pull through just fine.
While the office assistant was working on scheduling dates and times for all of your appointments and procedure, you felt your cell phone buzz in your pocket. Stepping aside, you checked it to find that Tom Hiddleston, your famous boyfriend, had texted you. He too was just as worried about you as everyone else and even though he was off working on a new film, he wanted to know how things turned out at your doctor's appointment.
You didn't want to tell him the news of surgery while he was still working so that the news wouldn't affect his acting. The last thing you wanted for him to mess up his job in this movie from all the worrying about you. You weren't worth costing Tom his job as a professional actor.
"How'd the appointment go darling? -Tom"
"I'll tell you later. Call me when you're done on set today. -(y/n)"
"Will do. Chin up little dove, I love you :)  -Tom"
"Love you too Tom :) -(y/n)"
After sending out those texts messages, you joined your parents again at the registration table to finish up planning for this surgery. You just hoped so much that this was the last big thing you'll have to face for a while.
Once everything had gotten settled and you accepted your fate of having to go through with this surgery, your family and you embarked back on the journey to return home and inform everyone else of what is going to happen. At least having this surgery was going to cure you from the trouble that you've been having to suffer from your health for the last few years.
It was after five o'clock before you had heard phone starting to go off. By this time, you were spending some time alone in your bedroom and trying to clear your mind from worry. You were thankful that it was Tom who had called you back like you asked him to. Even though you didn't want to break the news about your surgery to him, you were still happy that you could talk to your boyfriend openly about things like this.
"Hey Tom," you said once you picked up your phone to answer it.
"Hello sweetheart," his voice seemed really cheery as usual, "Are you alright? Did the appointment go well? You didn't really say much to me earlier."
"Well..." you began to hesitate, "The appointment went smoothly, but the news wasn't anything that we were expecting."
"What do you mean?" he asked with a hint of worry, "I hope it's not too serious (y/n)."
"They said that they found a tumor on my pituitary gland and they want to do brain surgery to take it out with some defected places on the gland too."
There was silence on the other end of the phone and you could almost see his furrowed brow and shocked expression on his face.
"Oh (y/n), I am so extremely sorry darling!" Tom seemed like he was really upset, "When is this going to take place? Do you need me to be with you?"
"Tom, calm down," you tried to keep him from panicking even more, "It'll be close to the end of the month."
"Damn, that's so soon," he cursed, "Are you sure that this will fix your problems?"
"That's what the doctor told me," you told him, "This surgery is suppose to get rid of the problem and it's going to take a little time to get back to normal, but I should be ok hopefully once this is all healed up."
Tom seemed like he was still trying to figure out some form of time frame about this situation in his mind while he was still on the phone with you.
"So you're really having this done at the end of the month?"
"The sooner the better," you replied, "Don't you want me to be healthier?"
"Of course I do sweetheart," Tom said to you, "There's nothing else that I want more than for you to be happy and healthy. I just am trying to figure out how I'm going to work with this going on."
"Tom!" you whined, "You are not going to stop acting because of me!"
"I refuse to do any acting while you're in the hospital!" Tom fussed back.
"That's still no reason for you not to do your job!"
"(y/n), do you honestly think I will be able to act well when I'm worried sick about you?" he questioned you, "I'm not going to sign on to anything until I know for sure that my girl is alright."
"What's Luke going to say about your decision?"
"He's going to have to get over it because I'm not taking another step on that set."
"But Tom," you sighed, "This one is going to be a big hit and you're suppose to be the main actor of the film. You can't just turn this down!"
"I'm not doing it, (y/n). We're not discussing this anymore, since I'm not changing my mind," Tom told you, "I don't want to argue about this with you."
You were defeated. There was no way you could argue with him now. Tom was going to do what he wanted in the first place and he was too stubborn to listen to what you wanted him to do. You were sincerely touched though that Tom did care for you so much that he wanted to turn down a movie offer so he could be with you while you had surgery, but you were tired of having the people you cared for sacrificing things like that for you. It hurt your heart that Tom won't be getting to be the lead actor in this movie now because of you.
"I'm sorry Tom," you apologized, "I didn't want for you to turn down this offer."
"Darling, don't apologize. You didn't ask for this to happen."
"I know, but I feel like you guys are all suffering from this when it isn't even your problem," Tears were starting to form in your eyes and fall down your cheeks.
"(y/n), please don't cry. You're not alone during this. You have me and your family to help you get through and I promise to be there every step of the way. I know this is hard, but I'm going to be right with you as soon as I can to help you in every way you need me to," he promised, "I know I probably won't be able to do much, but just being with you makes me feel easier about the whole thing myself and I want to help out so bad. I don't want you to have to go through this, but if this is going to make you better and able to live a long and happy life, I want this for you. I love you so much sweetheart."
"I love you too Tom," you choked out since you were still upset. You still felt like such a burden to everyone for all of the things that they were having to give up for you, but to know that there was someone who loved you despite how screwed up you were made you so touched. You couldn't believe someone like Tom, a famous actor none-the-less, would even care for you even though you were a mess. He was always so patient with you and understanding and he honestly really did care. You don't know how your luck ever let someone like Tom in your life, but hell, you were not going to complain.
"That it," Tom said after a short silence, "As soon as I get a few things tied up with my schedule and run everything by Luke, I'm flying to you immediately."
"You don't need to-" you tried to say, but he interrupted you.
"Don't say that. You always say that I don't need to do this or that. Did you ever think of what I want to do though?" Tom asked you.
"What's that?" you sniffled.
"I want to be with you," he simply stated, "Screw the movie and the press. The only thing that matters is that I need to be with you and that's exactly what I'm going to do."
There was no point of arguing over this anymore. You knew Tom was going to win this. He always did, but he was right, you needed someone to help you get through this and he was right there, promising to do so. Why were you so stubborn? Just let your boyfriend love you since he's devoting himself to you now.
Finally after coming to your senses that fighting about this was going to get you no where, you agreed that Tom should come and be with you by the time that your surgery was going to happen. The two of you continued your conversation on the phone by discussing arrangements that needed to be made beforehand and then having small talk about the usual things that you and Tom normally talk about. Before you knew it, time had slipped up on you and it was starting to get late. That was when you decided to wrap things up with Tom.
"I hate to go now Tom, but it's getting late," you reluctantly said to him over the phone.
"Alright, I'll let you go and I'll see soon. I love you," Tom said to you just before hanging up.
"Love you too."
It wasn't long before the day of the surgery rolled around and you had to be checked into the hospital extremely early that morning. Despite the fact that Tom did his best to get his schedule cleared so that he would be with you before you went under the knife, but Luke had scheduled him for one more interview before he could see you. Luckily, it was in the same city as the hospital that you were having this procedure done at, so he wouldn't have too far of a travel once he finished up. You had only hoped that Tom would see you before the procedure started.
It didn't take long before you were checked in and prepared for surgery, but there was still no sign of Tom. You felt saddened that you couldn't be with him beforehand, but you understood that his job was important. You couldn't hold this against him even though you really did need his support right now. It wasn't long before the nurses and doctors had set up your IV and were getting ready to whisk you away into the operation room.
"Mom," you said right before leaving, "Tell Tom that I love him."
"I will," she replied with tears in her eyes. You too felt the tears welding up too as you left your parents behind and was rolled into the white room. Once situated on the operating table, the doctors began to get the anesthesia going and it was only a matter of seconds before you were out. You only hoped that this surgery would go as smoothly as planned.
It was a good nine hours before you came back around again. The surgery was over and you were rolled out of the recovery room and into ICU where you could be closely monitored. It took a good while for your mind to clear from the fog from the anesthesia, but you finally remembered where you were and what was going on. Your face was wrapped up tightly with bandages and you could barely move. Your whole face was numb and it seemed like the only thing you could move were your eyes.
Once the nurses informed the doctor that you were awake, the medical team walked into your room to tell you how the procedure went. It turned out that there was a little difficulty preparing for the operation, but once everything was situated, things went smoothly. The surgeon was able to remove the tumor and defected area off of your pituitary and she said that they only needed to keep you in the hospital for a few days to make sure you weren't going to develop any more problems.
To be honest, you weren't hardly paying them any mind. You were more focused on the awful feeling that was starting to happen in your face. They did warn you that it was going to feel like the worst cold of your life when you woke up after your surgery and that's what it definitely felt like. You could barely breathe and your face was so swollen and bandaged up that you couldn't even feel your face. Once the doctors finished talking, you asked them if they would do something to help with the pain. The sent in some nurses to put some pain medicine in your IV and then they left to bring in your family to see you.
You were still dazed from all the medicine running through your body, but you did recognize the first few people who came to see you were your grandmothers. They didn't say much, but they did tell you that they were glad things were alright and you were doing fine. Both of your grandmothers decided not to stay long to give you time to rest. Plus, there was a limit to how many guests that you could have in the room and more of your family wanted to see you. The two of them left quickly without you getting to say much to them.
The next group of people who came in were your parents and younger sister. Judging by the look on their faces, they seemed shocked to see your head so bandaged up and you barely conscience, but it was a relief to see that you recognized them well.
"Hey sweetie," your mom came over by your side, "You did well. The doctor told us everything went by great. How are you feeling?"
"Like crap," you moaned.
"I'm sure," piped up your dad.
Then your parents went on telling you who all had shown up at the hospital and what they did while your operation was taking place. While they were talking, you looked over to your little sister, who was awfully quiet. She was in tears and you felt bad that she was crying over how you looked. Immediately, you felt angry that your parents let her come in and see you that way, but they said that she needed to see what all you have been going through so she would understand and not sheltered away from the troubles you have faced. It wasn't long before your grandparents returned to take away your sister. They were going to head back home now that they knew you were alright and they would be back after you were settled in a regular hospital room.
Right as your sister left, you heard a little commotion happening outside of your room between a nurse and some man. You tried to focus more on the conversation and you started to recognize who the male voice belonged to.
"I'm sorry sir, but I can't allow you to see her," the nurse said.
"But miss, you don't understand. I need to see (y/n) right now," the man pleaded.
"But sir, her parents are with her right now. I can't let you-"
"I'm (y/n)'s fiance though. Please, let me in. I didn't get to see her before she went in for her operation."
Your heart jumped with the mention of Tom being your fiance. He's never proposed to you yet, but the thought of him actually considering being your fiance just made you smile, (well at least attempt to smile. You still couldn't feel your face.) You immediately wanted to see Tom though. That nurse needed to let him in.
It was like your father had read your mind and went towards your door to have a word with that nurse.
"Let him in," said your dad, "He's telling the truth and (y/n) wants to see him right now too."
"Yes sir."
Finally, the nurse stepped aside and allowed Tom and your dad to enter the room. Your father joined your mother again on the other side of the room and sat in the chairs while Tom stood at the end of your bed. As soon as your eyes met those baby blues of the man you loved, you outstretched your tube-tangled hand to motion him over to your side. Tom walked over and took your hand to hold delicately in his own.
"Tom," you sighed and managed to put a smile on your face.
"Hey darling," he smiled back at you as he lightly squeezed your hand, "I'm sorry I didn't get to see you earlier. They kept me at that interview longer than I expected."
"It's fine," you said while bringing his hand to hold against your chest, "I'm just glad that your with me now."
Tom looked at you and slightly laughed, but you could see that he was trying to hide away his pain. You could see his eyes tearing up as he looked over your face. It made you sad that you were hurting him by looking this way; all swollen up and just barely lifeless.
"I'm sorry Tom," you whisper to him, "Please, don't be upset."
"I'm not upset sweetheart," Tom assured you while bringing your held hands to his lips. He softly kissed your fingers and replied, "I'm just happy that you're alright after everything you've gone through."
"I look horrible, I know."
"You do not look horrible."
"Then why do you look at me like you're about to cry? I know I look so ugly and swollen..."
"(Y/n), you are not ugly at all," Tom continued to kiss your fingers, but a tear fell from the corner of his eye, "Yes, I have to admit I wasn't expecting to see you like this, but it's only temporary. You're going to be fine and looking just as beautiful as you always have been and now you'll be feeling like a million bucks once you've fully recovered. To know that you've gone through so much and stayed this strong makes you so amazing and I am in complete wonder by you darling. I'm just so uncontrollably happy that you're alright. You have no idea how worried I was about you these past few hours," he gave you another smile as you brought your hand up to wipe away the few tears from his face, "I love you."
"I love you too Tom," you told him as you trailed your hand down his cheek. You felt his stubble tickle against your skin as he leaned in closer to your touch and smiled. You gave Tom a smiled back and then something came to your mind, "So you're my fiance now?"
Tom chuckled as he grabbed your hand to hold again, "Well, I really needed to see you and that was the first thing that popped into my mind that might make these people let me be with you without really lying," You could see his cheeks starting to flush a little, "You don't mind it, right? I mean, we love each other enough."
You couldn't help but to laugh at how bashful Tom seemed to be, "I don't mind it at all, though it would be nicer if it was more officially presented."
Tom scratched his neck nervously and let out his famous 'eheheh', "Well, I promise to get that straight soon. Right now, you just need to focus on getting better and healing up."
"Sounds good," you tell him and then yawned. Boy, this medicine really took a toll on you. You've been asleep mostly all day and yet you still are tired. Plus, you were trying to fight off feeling pain and that was also exhausting. It shocked you on how close you were to falling asleep again. Everyone in the room could see it too.
"Darling, you need to rest," Tom told you while brushing his thumb across your hand.
"But I don't want you to leave," you whined.
"(Y/n), you really do need to rest," said your mom.
"I'm not leaving you dear," Tom promised, "I'll be here for you through this whole thing. I swear. Now please, go to sleep. You look so tired."
"Alright, alright..." you yawned again. Tom chuckled again and then bent over to place a kiss against your forehead.
"Rest, my dear," he whispered, "I love you."
"Love you too," you replied back and then closed your eyes while reaching out to hold Tom's hand again, "Thank you Tom."
"Anything for you sweetheart."
As you laid there in that hospital bed, it seemed as if a ginormous wave of comfort had washed over you. You didn't have a single worry of anything anymore since you had Tom there with you to cater to any need you may ever have. He promised he would stay to help take care of you and help you get through the tough times. After all, that is all you needed, right? With a sigh of bliss, you gently squeezed Tom's hand and fell back into a restful slumber. Even though you were burdened with this horrible event in your life, you were relieved that God had placed the right people in your life to support you along the way and you couldn't have asked for anyone to take their place ever. Despite the condition you were in, you couldn't have felt more content as you did now, laying down and holding the hand of the love of your life. There was no denying it, You were definitely blessed.
So, this is a little thing that I have been working on for a few weeks that has been inspired by what was going on in my life and I just felt like writing out all my feels in this. Recently, I had brain surgery to remove a tumor two weeks ago and I kinda wished that I had someone that I adored with me to have helped me get through this. I had my family, but you know, it's still not the same. So I wrote this to express my feels on the situation and I think it turned out well. I put a little of my personal experience in it, but I decided to write it in second person to share it with everyone.
Man, if only Tom was there to support me... lol but anyways, I hope you guys enjoy :)
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Manami3 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
Great story and I'm glad to hear your surgery went well *hugs*
FIREELFMAIDEN Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
this is so wonderful. very heartfelt well done.Hug 
JustDance231 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
oh man, this hit home. I'm a cry in blubbering mess over on this side of the computer screen. Its a beautiful story, but i really shouldn't have read it. I've actually been having problems recently (for a few months now) so i'm actually scared - no terrified something like this will happen to me (tumor in the brain or heart attack). Don't get me wrong, it was well written but i really shouldn't have indulged in my curiosity. It killed the cat, no? Sorry, i guess i kinda babbled, huh?
soldiergirlrenee Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
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I just cried so much, this is so beautiful ;) I hope your surgery went well
friendlyICEtaco Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! and it did. I'm doing so much better since then :)
pandoraswar Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013
My uncle just had brain surgery to remove a tumor as well, he lost his sense of smell in the process but he is healing.  Loved the story it is very emotional <3
friendlyICEtaco Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, It's going to take four months before he gets that smell back, even now after almost 6 months I'm still not great at smelling, but it is getting better. I hope he gets better too :) and Thank you for liking the story!
PaigeePie Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I cried reading this, cause I know you went through the operation. I'm still crying now! Hehe... Thank you for writing this and for being the person you are and being STRONG. I know I'm late, but, congratulations on this journey~!
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